Utah, Wyoming, Oregon (Took a JOB!), Conference, Easter, Tiff’s Surgery!

Ok before we left to Utah for our big trip I noticed online that Lydia’s picture of her painting below was the Library’s profile picture on Facebook.  Too cute!  I also noticed a picture of us making her monster.  The Saturday before I went to RS Broadcast with Tiffany.  We went out to eat at Outback with Maddie, Jessica, Liz, Dawn, and Courtney.  It was so much fun to laugh with everyone!  I love these girls!  I spent the week really preparing to drive to Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, and back!  I did my research of what other mom’s suggested.  Boy oh boy it made a big difference and I really enjoyed our trips.  Even with 2 toddlers!  Phew!  Ok so conference seriously I felt was the best YET!  I know I know every conference is so great but I can honestly say this conference was my ALL TIME FAVORITE!  All my questions were answered from the Saturday sessions ALONE!  Lydia really got into our conference bingo.  I thank my RS for providing the bingo game and a sweet notebook that I could enjoy taking notes in!  So much to apply and I AM PSYCHED to do it!  We celebrated Easter with the Cox’s with an Easter Egg Hunt (my girls LOVED eating they’re candy!), bonfire, and playing with cousins!  Sunday we ate with the Hirschi’s and enjoyed being with family.  I love Easter and conference!  We enjoyed Cinnamon Rolls, made the right way, as well as Andrea made Tomatillos.  It was such a memorable Conference!

So Monday we left our girls with Grandma Hirschi and we left for Oregon.  Ryan and I really enjoyed our drive.  It was Eye Candy!  Beautiful mountains, waterfalls, red rock, pine tree’s, snow, rain, and luscious green!  We met with Jerry in Sisters Oregon at a Coffee Shop.  Once Ryan and I had all our questions answered about the job offer he bought us a hotel and took us out to dinner with his wife Jessica and their friend.  It was DELICIOUS food and was so fun!  Lots of good laughs and made me excited to work with such great people.  The next morning we took off to Cottage Grove and then Bandon.  I truly loved EVERYTHING about Cottage Grove.  I loved the office, staff, the adorable small town (that isn’t so small because it has a Walmart), is 20 minutes away from Eugene (has all the shopping you could ever want), the adorable houses with LAND around them, it really just felt great!  We then drove to Bandon, don’t get me wrong the fact that you’re on the beach is AMAZING but just didn’t feel like home.  Everything from the office, staff, town, etc.  That night we went to eat and got pizza and decided that Cottage Grove was for us.  I was so giddy and am still!  Ryan is in planning mode he said.  Truly this decision I think was the hardest we’ve had to make as a couple and it took a lot of thought.  But I’m so glad Ryan suggested we drive out and see our options!  Oh I truly am so excited for planning for our future.  We are 12 hours from family even though it isn’t close at least we’re closer than Indiana. I get butterfly’s thinking of what lays ahead of us.  When we pulled in to Indiana after driving back I felt so glad to be finally home.  I never knew my heart would love Indiana so much!  It will be such a bitter sweet move mainly because of the INCREDIBLE people here who have taught me so much!

Bailey… We also went fishing as a family and we caught one!  Oh Bailey LOVES being outside and with animals.  Seriously she just came this way.  She pet the fish like a puppy then stuck her whole hand in her mouth.  I was so grossed out that I took her inside.  She was so sad she couldn’t be with the fish she cried and cried.  Oh Bailey one day we will own a dog that you can pet.  Our Bailey Boo life with be so dull without you!

Lydia..During Conference Lydia was just so excited to say the words she picked up on in case it was a word on our bingo card.  She said, “Marriage pain.”  Haha!  After Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk she said, “That was wonderful!”  Oh Lydia you are the cutest!

While we were in Utah Tiffany had emergency Surgery.  Oh my poor brother and his family have had such a rough 6 months.  It’s been a never ending hospital stay it seems like.  I was so glad to be there for once to help out.  We babysat and I really really was so glad for that opportunity to get to know their kids in a whole new light.  Oh I love them so much and was so glad I got to enjoy some quality time.  I am so relieved that Tiffany was discharged from the hospital our last night there.  She is so incredible!  She is so strong and an amazing mother to her 5 kids amongst the chaos of her life circumstances.

85 hours total of driving in the car, 4 books later, 5 pounds to show for it, we are such a happy family!

1551680_900035900056016_6144797344904401659_n 11018662_900032606723012_5177843636156766935_o IMG_3174 IMG_3309 IMG_3310 IMG_3314 IMG_3315 IMG_3316 IMG_3321 IMG_3329 IMG_3334 IMG_3338 IMG_3349 IMG_3351 IMG_3352 IMG_3353 IMG_3355 IMG_3358 IMG_3359 IMG_3360 IMG_3362 IMG_3372 IMG_3373 IMG_3375 IMG_3377 IMG_3378 IMG_3379 IMG_3380 IMG_3382 IMG_3383 IMG_3389 IMG_3392 IMG_3394 IMG_3395 IMG_3450 IMG_3396 IMG_3397 IMG_3399 IMG_3401 IMG_3402 IMG_3403 IMG_3405 IMG_3408 IMG_3409 IMG_3410 IMG_3411 IMG_3412 IMG_3415 IMG_3419 IMG_3420 IMG_3429 IMG_3435 IMG_3437 IMG_3438 IMG_3440 IMG_3442 IMG_3443 IMG_3451 IMG_3445 IMG_3446 IMG_3447 IMG_3448 IMG_3449 IMG_3453 IMG_3454 IMG_3455 IMG_3456 IMG_3457 IMG_3458 IMG_3460 IMG_3462 IMG_3463 IMG_3465 IMG_3466 IMG_3467 IMG_3468 IMG_3470 IMG_3471 IMG_3474 IMG_3475 IMG_3476 IMG_3478 IMG_3480 IMG_3481


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