Family Fun!

I am starting to get a taste of what it is going to be like when Ryan graduates.  At least I think?  But it’s been so blissful around here.  Once he is home from school it’s PARTY time!  We’ve gone to the Children’s Museum, McDonald’s Playhouse for dinner, made our own mini pizza’s, had Brazilian dinner at the Bunker’s house.  We’ve also talked seriously and looked at some places.   We are still far away from saying, “This is where we are going.”  But the one place we were looking at gave me butterfly’s.  Oh graduation I can almost taste it.  YAY!  Dental School is brutal but I must say it’s been fun along the way and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I was talking with a friend and I don’t think I will go back to my old ways.  I think I will continue to dye my own hair, cut it myself, and shop at thrift stores.  The frugal lifestyle has become our lifestyle and we have raised our little girls thus far this way.  I think this was the perfect way to start our little family and marriage.

Lydia today kept saying, “Mom I’m Thirsty!”  Bailey hasn’t been feeling well and needed a lot more attention.  I kept telling Lydia to wait one minute.  I came into the kitchen to find that she had got out all of our milk and juice.  She was ready with her cups.  She was going to drink it all.  HAHA!  I feel this way after church every week.  I always feel bad for those who are waiting behind me while I’m at the drinking fountain at church.  I can’t get enough water out of those things!  Lydia also is DYING to build a snowman.  The girls don’t have snow gloves yet and she is itching to really get out and play in it.

Bailey is either happy or sad.  She doesn’t hide her feelings just like her mama.  He is the happiest little thing but the moment she’s sick you can tell.  However, I must say even when she is sick she still giggles at Dad and Lydia.  She has partied with dad 11-3 AM Saturday night this week and I was so grateful because the other nights she partied with me all night long pretty much.  Oh little Bailey I know it must be so frustrating not being able to tell us what’s wrong.  In two months time she grew 1 INCH!  Serious growth spurt.  She went from being 45% in length to 89%.  WHAAA!?!  Her head circumference went from 47% to 90%.  Her weight went from 54% to 56%.  I put on her jeans today and they looked like capri’s.  So I pulled out all the 12 month clothes and switched out her wardrobe.  She played peek a boo with me tonight while putting on her PJ’s.  She pulled her PJ’s over her eyes and then would take it off and giggle while I said, “Peek a Boo!”  Oh she is so darn cute!  She didn’t like her first time in the snow.  I think when she has gloves on and her hands don’t freeze she might like it.

Mommy lucked out with a friend who sold me a GORGEOUS frame for $10.  Right now it has a cork board in it that I use to hang Lydia’s art work in but our next family photo is going in this beauty.  I also am LOVING the cold.  I know I will think differently in March next year but right now it’s so festive and exciting.  The holiday’s and everything make it so magical.  It is cold but I don’t mind putting thermals under my jeans and shirt.  I love coats, scarfs, and hats.  Sweet

Ryan sold his dental decks and made some good money .  He has enjoyed playing basketball after mutual lately.  After our Brazilian dinner Ryan sat not he couch pinning recipes on my Pinterest board.  I chuckled inside thinking I think is a fan.

IMG_1753 IMG_1754 IMG_1755 IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1758 IMG_1759


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