Bailey 9 Months

Bailey turned 9 months old on Halloween.  She is full on crawling now and is no longer army crawling or doing the worm.  She climbs up the stairs now as well as everything else.  She is still pretty shaky when she walks while holding our fingers but she can stand alone for 2 seconds.  She has bit me once while breast feeding her and hopefully she won’t do it again. When she wakes up from her naps Lydia tells me, “Mom give me ten minutes!”  Which means that she wants me to stay downstairs while she climbs into Bailey’s crib and they play.  Bailey loves Lydia!  The other night while I thought she was in her bedroom she had crawled into the bathroom to see Lydia who was still in the tub.  She is SO cute and Lydia would be so bored without her sister!

IMG_1519 IMG_1522 IMG_1528


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