Forts and Fun!

Daddy This week Dad was on his A game when it came time for forts! Lydia would say I want one of Dad’s forts. He does have the magical touch!  He is so dang THOUGHTFUL it makes me feel like I really need to be more aware of others!  I am glad he is that example for me.  He sends me text messages that will give me tears.  Wow I lucked out!

Lydia is hysterical when Bailey puts something in her mouth because she thinks she is going to choke!  This has become a lifesaver for me because I have 4 eyes now to watch Bailey and make sure she’s ok.  Lydia is a TREMENDOUS helper!  She talks non-stop during dinner and says excuse me all the time so she can have her turn.  She is a great talker!  She is no longer afraid of our neighbor and will say, “Mommy look it’s Ms. Carter and I am not afraid!  She will then wave and say, “HI!”  She also is really great about holding our hands while crossing the road.  Lately she’s become my really close buddy!  She will always be a daddy’s girl I have no doubt but she will sometimes ask for me to take her to bed which is huge for her!  This makes me happy because movie times she’ll cuddle with me and I soak it all up!

IMG_0806 IMG_0809


Lydia waits right by the door while Ryan uses the bathroom.  While looking at his toes she says, “DAD!”  Every 5 seconds!  I laughed so hard if an adult were to do what a 2 year old does!  BAHAHA


Lydia at Dollar Tree insisted on wearing these reading glasses the whole time and a Chinese couple asked to take a picture of her they were laughing so hard


Ryan studying while I sit RIGHT by him!  HAHA!  I prefer to be close to him.. Good thing he doesn’t have a bubble!  Movie night Sunday night.




IMG_0855 IMG_0853


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