Bailey 8 Months Old

Bailey is so full Personality!  She is the most giggly thing ever!  She giggles all the time whether she’s in her crib or playing by herself.  She does this for a LONG TIME too!  Lydia can make her giggle so easily!  She used to be a champion sleeper and now will wake up laughing at least once a night now.  I am ok with this I guess if she’s happy and doesn’t wake up Lydia.  She is a FAST army crawler!  She is into everything and is starting to climb up boxes and what not but doesn’t get all the way to her feet yet without our help.  She can’t handle waiting for food and will shake from excitement.  When I can’t get her to calm down and were out some where I just have to give her my keys and she’ll be fine.  My keys to her are the best thing ever!  She finally went into her 6 month check up… I hate that check up because the shots!  Lydia had a hard time and Bailey did too!  It took her a couple days to be back to her normal self.  She is 50% on everything just like Lydia was.  We love her!

IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0866


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