Ryan is a Great Dentist!

This week Ryan was my dentist and I was so proud at how amazing he is!  I say this because I’ve had 3 dentists work on the same front tooth and Ryan did the best job of all of them.  Wow!  He will be a GREAT DENTIST!

This week we had play groups, went to the children’s museum, zoo, I went to a surprise birthday party that was a Pinterest party, played volleyball with the Relief Society, fed the missionaries, sewing a present for a friend, and had a fun family outing to get Ice-cream.

Lydia is doing so much better during the night.  She has woke up multiple nights with her pull-ups dry and if she does wake up will let Ryan take her on the potty.  She takes naps every now and again depending upon how emotional she is.  She absolutely loves to pull funny faces!  While eating every bite is named, “Lion Bite” and then she’ll Roar!  The list of names… monkey, spider, anyone off of Lion King, Daddy, Mommy, etc. etc.  She loves to talk on the phone and can easily talk for 15 minutes straight and  I’m sure she’d talk longer if we let her.

Bailey has started the craziest thing… She will be on all fours looking like she is going to crawl and then stands up on her feet keeping her hands on the ground ( it’s called downward dog in yoga).  She also has to stick her hands in my mouth when I’m feeding her which is hilarious!

IMG_0648 IMG_0649

Before and After… Ryan you’re amazing!


I scored this sweet Halloween candy jar from the Pinterest party and loved making a mug and plate!  I forgot how much I love to doodle!

IMG_0626 IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0629

Lydia always brings her books and reads while running in the morning .  I think it’s so great how much she loves to read!  She will turn the pages and recite some books word for word what it says.  She has her dad’s memory that’s for sure!



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