So many emotions!

This week has been a tough week for me!  The playdate at Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Gardens was all fun and dandy until Lydia almost drowned.  We went inside so Lydia could use the bathroom after coming out we decided to look around.  We turned the corner around the waterfall when Lydia jumped into the water.  It honestly looked like grass because it was completely covered in small lily pads.  I ,however, didn’t know that she jumped in and I couldn’t see her anywhere within the 3 seconds she ran ahead of me.  I reached my arm down in the water to feel the top of her hair.  It was SO DEEP and she was so far down that I reached my arm all the way down to my shoulder and pulled her out.  She was crying and I was crying!  If I hadn’t heard her swallowing the water she would have drowned right by me without me having a clue and I am a certified lifeguard.  This was TERRIFYING and the scariest thing I’ve ever been through!  The rest of the day she said her belly button hurt which I have no doubt was from swallowing so much water and air.

Bailey’s event of the week was Friday morning.  She squirmed out of my hands like butter while arching her back into the dresser and getting a huge goose egg.  Her cry made me cry.  Oh the look of, “Thanks for that mom!” had me heart broken!

My cousin Ginger who was scheduled to have her full term healthy baby boy August 7th ended up loosing him during the night of August 6th with no one knowing until the doctor’s went to take the baby.  So instead of filling her decorated room with his loving smile she is planning his funeral.  Oh SO MANY TEARS and my heart aches for her!  Words can’t express my sorrow for her and her family!

Grandpa Frank Hirschi passed away August 13th in his sleep by Grandma.  He was such an incredible man and we are so privileged to have his example to help us live our lives to the fullest.  Ryan is flying out tomorrow and will be gone all week for the funeral services.  The girls and I decided to stay here since airplane costs aren’t cheap!

Also this week Lydia out of no where has started waking up in the middle of the night and walking into our room as awake as ever.  She is ready to be done with daytime naps.  So far it looks like we’ll have to ween our way off the naps by doing every other day or whatever her mood is for the day.  But when she wakes up in the night so does Bailey resulting in a zombie mom all week!  I haven’t been this tired in ALONG time!  Hopefully we can figure out the girls changing schedules and QUICKLY get them back to being great sleepers!  I am fine if it’s one night here and there but when it’s 5 or more days in a row I start to really struggle with my longest stretch of sleep being 2 or 3 hours.

To top it off my sister-in-law, Tiffany, has a life threatening C-Section on August 28th.  For months now I have been praying that the spirit will be with all the specialists in the room when they take the baby.  Her placenta has grown into her neighboring organs.  In her condition the concern is that she will bleed to death because they don’t know if they can pump enough blood into her as she will be loosing.  They are hoping that they don’t have to reconstruct the bladder and other organs which will put her risk substantially higher for not making it.  My brother has been so emotional about going on without his wife raising their 5 kids.  The first presidency and 12 apostles have fasted for them so I definitely know the Lord has heard our pleas!  I get so emotional though hoping that His will truly is to keep her here so she can be the mother of her children and my brother’s other half until they are old and grey and have lived a full life!

I am hoping with Ryan gone this week we will have an uneventful week with just happy news!

Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Gardens… the waterfall picture I pulled up online since around the corner is where Lydia jumped in

l IMG_0331 IMG_0332

Hiking as a family

IMG_0338 unnamed

Ginger’s Boys.  My heart aches seeing this!


Grandpa Frank William Hirschi  …1925 – 2014DSCF4596 DSCF4593

Frank William Hirschi Obituary
1925 ~ 2014
Pleasant Grove, UT-Frank William Hirschi, beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle and friend passed away peacefully in his home, surrounded by his loving family on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, due to the incidence of age.
He was born February 2, 1925, to William and Marianna Seiler Hirschi at Montpelier, Idaho, the fifth of seven children. His parents were Swiss immigrants and he was very proud of his Swiss heritage. At a young age he learned a strong work ethic as he farmed and ranched with his father in the Montpelier area. Choosing to forgo a farm deferment, he joined the U.S. Navy and served his country as a Radioman on the mine sweeper, USS Revenge during World War II. On November 26, 1946, he married his sweetheart, Carol Price, in the Salt Lake Temple. Frank and Carol teamed up for a busy and blessed eternal marriage and, at the time of his parting, they had been married 67 years. His formal education included a B.S degree in Agriculture, M.S., and Ed.D degree at Utah State University. He had a passion and talent for teaching-especially the youth. Frank loved people and found great satisfaction in a job well-done. He always enjoyed the opportunity to serve. Frank’s priorities were his family and his faith. Schooling and employment took him and his family from Idaho, where he taught high school agriculture and later seminary; to Logan, Utah, to further his education; to Garden Grove, California, where he coordinated seminary and institute programs. In 1973 he moved his family to Centerville, Utah, where he worked in the CES central office. He also served in the Idaho State Legislature, representing Bear Lake County from 1960-1966. He was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He had a great love for his Savior and for the scriptures. His service as a member of the church included: Bishop and counselor in the Stake Presidency in Montpelier, Idaho; member of the Melchizedek Priesthood General Committee and Patriarch in the Centerville, Utah South Stake. Frank and Carol served several missions together beginning with Frank being called as the first president of the Mississippi Jackson Mission; CES teaching assignment in the Study Abroad program in Israel; CES mission at BYU-Hawaii; MTC President in New Zealand; CES mission to Eastern Europe establishing the seminary and institute programs in missions in Russia, Ukraine, and Hungary. After their missions, Frank served as a sealer in the Bountiful LDS Temple and as Mayor of Centerville City from 1998-2002.
He is survived by his wife, Carol, and their three sons and three daughters: Craig (Elaine) Hirschi, Pocatello, Idaho; David (Pamela) Hirschi, Centerville, Utah; Carol Lyn (Steve) Pilkington, Kaysville, Utah; Scott (Dawna) Hirschi, Kaysville, Utah; Laura (Randy) Hayes, Rexburg, Idaho; Janet (Dan) Paxman, American Fork, Utah, as well as 17 grandsons, 17 granddaughters and 49 great-grandchildren.
Fond memories of Dad and “Gramps” include much time spent at the ranch, many hunting and fishing trips, getting caught in a “bear trap,” playing “run my sheepy run,” jitter-bug dancing, and many Swiss words and traditions taught in our home. His posterity was his pride and joy.
Surviving siblings include: Erma Louise Gantenbein and Betty (Darrell) Bienz. No doubt he had a wonderful reunion with his parents and siblings, Helen Stone, Mildred Tueller, Violet Bartschi Child and Melvin Hirschi.
There will be a viewing at Russon Brothers Mortuary, Tuesday, August 19, 2014, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. A celebration of his life will be held Aug. 20th at 11:00 a.m., in the Centerville Utah 3rd Ward Chapel, 900 South 400 East. There will be a viewing prior to the service at 9:45 a.m. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the general missionary fund of the LDS Church.

2 thoughts on “So many emotions!

  1. Oh Danielle, I’m so sorry! What an emotional time for you! So glad Lydia is ok! I can’t imagine how scary that must have been! And we will be sending prayers to your cousin Ginger and her family and your sister in law Tiffany! Is that Philips wife? My sister Jamie lost a baby boy at 24 weeks and it was hard on all of us. Praying they will feel comfort and peace.

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