Indiana State Fair

Thursday we went out to eat Chinese and Lydia’s first fortune cookie read, “You are bright so give off that light.”  I thought that was so fitting for her!  I love nights when you really don’t want to cook and you can just go out and eat and have a fun time.  Ryan took school off Friday so we could have a family day.  We were thinking of going to the lake but it was colder weather so we decided to go to the fair instead.  It was fun to watch Lydia with all the animals.  There was this cow named Maddi who gave Lydia a kiss.  She Loves farm animals and told Ryan and I how it’s like Grandpa’s farm.  The weather was amazing and there were no lines which made it nice.  This year we decided to try the Krispy Kreme hamburger.  I have been so nervous to try it every year we’ve been.  Since it’s our last year I had too at least see.  It wasn’t nasty like it sounds but doesn’t make my mouth water.  It gave me a bit of a tummy ache the rest of the day.

Lydia has some phrases she says so cute!  She says, “Punga Bunga” instead of Cowabunga when she jumps down the stairs into Ryan’s arms.  She also calls Rice Krispies “Piece Pieces.”  She calls our neighbor Fati “Potty.”  She says most things the right way but the things she doesn’t it is so adorable!

Bailey  Isn’t too fond of baby food but likes bread and cucumbers so far.

Chinese Food

IMG_0260 IMG_0264

The Indiana State Fair


Hang’n out… Bailey loves cucumbers!

IMG_0318 IMG_0319 IMG_0320

Game night with the Santilli’s and Hobson’s.  The girls won a round of hand and foot but lost the game overall.  We did pretty well I thought


Lydia loves Indy and really enjoyed playing with her !



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