Children=True Joy!

So my blog is full of space so it’s Printing time.  I have enjoyed rereading all the posts the past year and a half.  Bailey was a NEWBORN!  That seems like yesterday but seeing how much as happened it blows my mind how they truly grow up in the blink of an eye.  I try to remind myself to enjoy them in every stage but just rereading it gave me a greater desire to Live In the Moment!  I feel like our moments are so Precious now!  Lydia will wake up from her nap and then Bailey which will be followed with lots of cuddles.  Bailey’s affectionate nature is so contagious!  The constant kisses and hugs that she gives spontaneously is her True nature.  She came straight from Heavenly Father this way.  Lydia is still so excited for life and happy!  She just beams of excitement for life.  Her stories with her little voice are so cute!  I want to lock her voice in my memory bank forever.  She will sit and and talk with her hands explaining to Ryan the days events.  My favorite thing though are her eyes.  You can tell during a story she is reliving the moment of when we were at the park, or grocery store, or when we saw that spider that she so courageously stepped on.   These are the Moments!  I feel I am in the thick of it all and can’t get enough of my girls.  There is a look on Ryan’s face which I would define as pure joy!  It is when he sees the girls playing and laughing that he just Beams of Happiness.  Children bring a happiness to a family that can’t come any other way.  Seeing the world by traveling and enjoying fancy restaurants seems like a short changed life in comparison to the joys a child will bring.  Sure enough there are hard times when they will be kids and Bailey pulls Lydia’s hair or Lydia cuts her hair instead of going to bed when we asked her too.  But oh the joyous moments truly outweigh the rest.  My desire to continue our family grows as I see our little girls and how close they are.  I think how miserable they would be without one another and I can’t help but think what other siblings will join our girl.

Life is so fulfilling being a mom!  I am so grateful for the chance I have to stay home!  Ryan and I have the hardest time getting a babysitter.  Haha!  Probably for a couple reasons one we are cheap and so paying someone to watch our kids doesn’t sound great to a budget but I think most of all we would rather do things as a family.  However, this last Ensign and the articles about marriages make me think that we should encourage date night at least once a month.

I have also been loving Oregon but the last week I have missed the women in Indiana.  That was my home for so long and I have noticed that those strong families and their dedication to the Lord left a hole I didn’t know was there till now.  I know that life will continue here and it will be so fulfilling and good but I truly will always cherish those women and families during our dental school years.  Families were brought into our lives for a reason and I don’t want to forget their amazing examples and friendships that effected me while I learned to be a wife and mom!

I have started training for a half marathon.  I ran 6 miles yesterday for my long run and am excited to continue to train to run the race October 10th.  Training to run in a race is so rewarding.  Just the dedication to get up and run seems to trickle down in my dedication in other aspects of my life.

Ryan has been on call for work and it has been crazier than we anticipated.  However, as I have been overhearing the conversations I can’t help but think of how grateful the people must be that he can prescribe medicine to them during their time of need.  I know I would be So GRATEFUL if I were in pain!  He is so good with people and very caring and giving that this suits him.  I know that he is very excited though to be off call tomorrow for Labor day.  Haha!  A couple days solid of phone calls gets exhausting.  But once a year shouldn’t be too bad.

Bailey is so ready to start potty training and I am not!  I don’t know why but something inside me just feels that I need to wait.  Maybe it’s my own selfish reasons but I am going to try and stick it out waiting until after Thanksgiving if I can or even Christmas.  Then we will be done traveling for awhile and she can have a solid amount of time without any change to really get potty training down.  However, it is so dang cute when she is sitting on her seat with the ducks as she quacks her little heart away.  I also have to laugh that she holds her nose closed (like PU) when she needs to go.  I also can’t seem to keep her pants on her and might have to get that girl a belt.  Haha!

Lydia loves Gum!  That is the best treat to her.  She also is starting to fade out of a regular nap schedule.  She will nap some days and other days she doesn’t.  She seems to be fine the days she decides not to nap.  We always have quiet time so she has the opportunity to nap if she wants too.  She has been really excited for play dates so I have been scheduling them a lot!  However, one play date she wouldn’t get off the couch or play with the other kids.  Maybe three families with 7 kids total was too much?  Whatever it was I realized that the one lesson I want her to learn is that happiness is a choice.  Even if she doesn’t feel like being happy she should at least try to smile because it will help ANY situation!  I used to think my goal before preschool would be what she knows academically and I realized this past week there is more important things I want her to learn.  But just like anything else it will take practice before it becomes a habit.

Fall time is approaching.  Usually I am so excited for fall.  However, this year I feel that summer went by too fast and that I missed it.  So I am ok with fall not starting technically for a couple more weeks.


Dental Office

Doing a blog post on my phone is not my favorite. So forgive me for my pictures being jumbled .

Park fun! And Loving perhaps my Favorite conference of all time.imageimageimage

I realized I had no pictures of Ryan’s office. This week he forgot his lunch and so we had lunch with him and I took pictures. I love how nice his office is. We still need to hang family pictures in his office but I’m glad he has his diploma hanging up. I’m glad that Ryan’s mom got it framed for him because I’m just realizing how expensive mattes and frames can be.

This week I Painted A Ton of white things! Lydia now has a mirror/ makeup (pretend) stand that is white instead of red, a decorative wall art for Lyds room, Bailey has a necklace holder and toystand, shelves for the bathroom, Ryan and I’s mirror, and the only thing I didn’t paint white is a frame and that was black. Ryan and I were about to hang some stuff when we decided to make a kid mud room by our garage door enterance. He’s going to build a bench and hang their coat rack. I’m really excited about that idea. We are completely redoing our bedroom with a new bed and all. So many before and after pictures to come.

We worked are guts out yesterday. I trimmed all the shrubs in the yard. That was a serious undertaking! Ryan ripped apart our bed frames and is using the wood for our mud room bench for the girls. I sanded down the wood after Ryan got all the nails out. But I need a serious grade sandpaper to finish the job.  I am using some of the springs come Christmas for decor. They are perfect little Christmas tree shapes.

We have figured out our budget this last week. And even though it’s very overwhelming trying to pay off our debt fast it’s also so exciting that 1) We now have a good income to make it happen 2) We have serious help from Oregon! Five years we should be almost completely done paying off our debt!!

Lydia has been counting to 20 very well. It’s fun to see how kids just catch on even if you didn’t sit down and say let’s learn how to count. She has told Ryan and I this is the Best Nursery Ever!! I don’t know what Amazing things they’ve got going on but we are grateful for those leaders! She loves to play with the spiders around are house. It makes my stomach churn. The cob webs form overnight! And she loves that we can find garden snakes easily. I hate all of this to be honest. But kids will be kids. Lydia also is Loving her PJ dress (aka Ryan’s Brazil T-shirt). Any form of skirt or dress she is in Love with!

Bailey is waking up dry from her naps and bedtime more frequently now. She goes on the potty really well and will tell me when she needs to go. I love this but don’t want to start potty training until I feel she is Completely ready! By this I mean little to no need for diaper change so we can go into underwear without ruining our nice carpet. She also says her prayers so well with the little words she knows. She makes noises that she affiliates with the item and will say ya to everything else but says Amen with a loud,”Aaaaaa!” Haha!

We as a family have Loved Crome Cast!! Pandora all the time means working out while dancing with the girls is a must! Ryan and I have enjoyed some fun movies!



Eagle Crest Resort, Remodeling, &Beach

For Ryan’s work conference they paid for us to go to Eagle Crest Resort and enjoy swimming at  their resort and hang out in the hotel while Ryan had classes. We worked around Ryan’s schedule so we could nap while he was in class and play when he was done. The second night, Friday, they had a big dinner for the couples and Sweet babysitting for the kids (juice boxes,movies, pizza). Ryan and I enjoyed meeting the other LDS and not LDS couples who just recently graduated and are in our same shoes. It was also nice for Ryan to get to know these men and has called them since for advice with patients. We laughed and gobbled up our steak dinner. When I went to pick up the girls neither of them wanted to leave. Haha! I guess we should have partied later. It was Such a great night! Now that we know how the resort works next conference we will be a little more prepared.

I have been painting, decorating, and brain storming for the house. I finished the table and love it! The desk I’ve only put the granite on. Now I need to put some paint and knobs on when my budget allows. I also, with the help of friends, figured out our sun window room. It still need to hang everything but we are getting there.

During the week we fed the sisters, Who I Love, and Amanda’s family. They are investigating and hopefully tomorrow they will set a baptismal date while I visit tomorrow. The girls and I went swimming to Amazon Pool for a play date with some families. We had a Great time! It’s so fun getting to know these women and make friends.  Then Ryan called me and asked me for help. I brought the girls to his office and let them play in his waiting room while I was his Dental Assistant. It was So fun for me to work for that short time by Ryan. He is such a great dentist and Very attractive!

We had a movie night Friday as a family. Ryan and I made blackberry jam for our date after the girls were in bed. It grows wild here an my girls Love It!  Saturday we enjoyed the beach that is right here! Oh it was so beautiful with these trees! Life is Great!


Family Time

I have thoroughly enjoyed having family time together!  The girls have been having a ball playing in every room, outside, and hate to leave the house.  Errands used to be something they loved to do with me and now I have to convince them to come.  They really don’t like leaving the house ever unless it means they get to see daddy.  I am on an all time high.  It’s truly even better than I imagined it would be.  We are exactly a mile from Ryan’s work and it’s so fun driving past and waving on our errands.  This is the only motivation for the girls to get out.  But tonight were are driving to a resort because Ryan has a work conference where they pay for us to go as a family.  Lydia is REALLY excited about this!  It’s like a paid vacation every quarter which is great for us!

Mommy: I have researched photography a bit more so I can get photo’s on the walls.  My only hang up now that I’ve figured it out is how to print a huge photo like a 50 incher.  I am learning a lot but hope it doesn’t take me 6 months to get pictures in our frames.  Haha!  I also have started repainting furniture.  I have Finally figured out how I’m going to paint our bed set and kitchen table.  I am really excited because I am going to do a dark stain on the wood with a granite top.  However, Ryan’s desk still has me stumped.  But I am hoping I will figure it out.  I am also at a loss for how to decorate the living area that has 2 awkward sun windows.  Any suggestions would be very appreciated!  I also am so sad that my computer charger is dying.  That’s why I’m not as frequently updating my blog because more often than not I can’t get my charger to charge my computer 😦

Daddy: Ryan has been extremely busy!  He is definitely getting the swing of a good rhythm for work.  His dental assistants are all new.  He says it’s the blind leading the blind but it’s good.  He also is restocking his office with all the equipment he wants and needs to do his job easier.  I am just SO PROUD of him!

Bailey is officially a serious daddy’s girl.  She wakes up and cries for him.  The only thing that helps is that she has Lydia to play with.  But there have been some hours where she sobs for him.  It’s so cute how much she loves her daddy.  My favorite is when he comes home from work.  They both hyperventilate with excitement!  She is also in love with our family scripture study every night!  She will grab all our book of mormons out of the book shelf and get her blanket to sit on an hour or so before it’s time to read.  She flips the pages while we read the five verses and then once were done she jumps up to put the books away.  I love that kids are all about routine!  It helps being consistent.

Lydia is definitely a home body!  She is completely happy playing from room to room!  She has little to no appetite lately.  She is so grateful!  Oh my the compliments are continuous with this girl.  “Thanks mom for dinner!  It’s so delicious!”  Even if she hates it she always compliments my cooking.  She is picking up a seriously great characteristic that will help her in life!  “Dad you look so handsome!”  I mean this is all day long.  No joke.

Learning about my camera so I took a whole bunch of pictures to hopefully get better. Why have I never used my portrait option before?  I only used Auto.  So sad!

DSCF8268 DSCF8255 DSCF8254

Before and after of some painting..

IMG_4360 IMG_4400

Some Pictures of the girls

Lyd4 Lyd3 Bailey Lyd&Bai2 Lyd&Bai lyd

Playing before bedtime.  They just can’t get enough of Daddy after work!  Also the picture frame is going to hopefully have a family photo if I can figure out how to print one that large.

IMG_4355 IMG_4353 IMG_4350 IMG_4349

Bills… Oh They are all flooding in.  Growing up isn’t always fun.  Haha!


Symphony at the Park for FHE

IMG_4347 IMG_4345 IMG_4344 IMG_4343 IMG_4342 IMG_4341 IMG_4340 IMG_4339 IMG_4334 IMG_4333 IMG_4332 IMG_4331 IMG_4330

If I can’t find the girls they are most likely in a cupboard somewhere.  Haha!


Slip in Slide and Hot Dogs on our Fire-pit.  What could be better?

IMG_4319 IMG_4318 IMG_4317 IMG_4316 IMG_4315

Bohemian Parade and Carnival.  It was all so too fun!  This town is the CUTEST!  There are all sorts of fun things to do constantly!


The Car Show the next week


Everything was quiet and Ryan and I looked in to find them praying together before bedtime.  I had to take a picture.  It was to cute!


Ryan and his handy work.. Installing our shelves in our garage and finding my favorite lawn mower EVER for $20

IMG_4405 IMG_4406 IMG_4407

4th of July, Grandma Nielson’s Funeral, Moving to Oregon

4th of July was such a blast!  We really missed Ryan but were grateful he was able to head up to start work and move us in with his kind parents.  Lydia LOVED the fireworks.  Bailey was scared of the really loud ones but didn’t mind the rest.  We loved the parade, going down the blow up water slide at the Meyers, and being with family.  Ryan worked A TON to get boxes in the house and then they went to a Rodeo.  Then on Monday we went to Grandma Nielson “Grandma Billy” funeral.  I didn’t cry until her funeral just because it was truly a joyous and exciting time for her to join Grandpa and family.  Since she had early alzheimers it was exciting to think that she would be herself again.  My mother-in-law was back from helping Ryan move in and was kind enough to watch the girls while I went to the funeral.  It was such a great funeral and a good depiction of who she was!  She was HILARIOUS!  I think that sums it up.  I was always laughing around her!  The memories of her that I shared at the funeral were..

After Grandpa passed away we all knew Grandma was sad and wished she could have gone with him.  I was over at her house as she was getting ready for the funeral and someone said, “Grandma you look so nice.”  She responded, “I’ve got to dress nice to catch me a new husband.”  I laughed so hard at her response.  She handled hard times in life with sarcasm.  I’ve learned a lot from this and hope I can decide to laugh instead of cry in difficult times that lay ahead in life.
Grandma was a phenomenal cook!  I remember her breadsticks, homemade ketchup, and her amazing cake.  But what I treasure the most were her ham sandwiches she made for us after our 2 hour drive down to see her.  This meant so much to me.  I always knew she was excited to see us and loved us by having food ready for us when we got there.  Thank you Grandma for teaching me that it’s the little things in life that mean the most!

Tuesday my mom and I moved me and there girls to Oregon.  The drive well Bailey woke up unhappy so it wasn’t the best trip for her but we got to Oregon so I would say it was a success!  My mom was a trooper and got to work!  I thought it would take me Forever to unpack all the stuff, organize it, and make it a home.  But thanks to Ryan’s parents to had already come up and done A TON and my mom for working her guts out we got me moved in.  I have just started thinking of decorating the house.  Some area’s I’ve started while others I feel completely confused on how to decorate such as the TV room!  But in time it will all be decorated in a way that will make it “our” home.  So far I am so so ecstatic about my dishwasher that actually washes, my laundry machine, our couches (and everything else my sister gave me), Lydia’s bunk bed (my other sister gave me), and our GARAGE!  Seriously it is all such a party!  I am so grateful for Ryan going to work so we can eat, live in a nice house, and enjoy life!  Way to go Ryan for sacrificing so much to secure a good job for our family!  Life is great and our ward is SO friendly.  We were stopped at every corner of the chapel to get the low down on our family.  It was a little hard to leave the chapel.  That is a good thing!

Grandma’s Obituary

Wilhelmina Huntsman Nielson

Wilhelmina (Billie) Huntsman Nielson, age 90 passed away June 29, 2015, in Delta, Utah.

Born to Lamond Welcome Huntsman and Theresa Cannon Huntsman on September 21, 1924 in St. George, Utah.

Billie was the fifth child of six and spent her youth in Enterprise, Utah. After graduating from High School, she eventually moved to Lynndyl, Utah to work for the railroad as a telegrapher during World War II. While living there she met Phill C Nielson and was married  him on September 21, 1944 in the St. George temple. They were married for 63 years and had six daughters.

Phill and Billie started farming in Lynndyl and eventually built up a large farm and cattle ranch. She was adored by her spouse, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and revered by her son-in-laws who never fully understood how she survived living with six giggling girls. Billie enjoyed life to the fullest and was well known for her wicked sense of humor and ability to lighten other’s burdens by finding humor in even the most dire of circumstances.

She was an avid gardner and seamstress. Her hobbies also included: quilting, canning and (involuntarily) taking care of a lot of chickens. She was a fantastic cook and made delicious homemade bread and desserts.

Billie held various leadership positions in the Mormon church which included serving as a relief society president for 13 years. She is remembered for her compassion and always took time to comfort the widows in her ward.  She also worked as a volunteer at the Family History & Garment Distribution Centers in Delta for several years. Prior to the construction of the Intermountain Power, Plant Billie worked part time launching weather balloons to maintain a record of weather patterns for the IPP environmental impact study.

She is survived by her children: Janet (Randy) Bradford of Blanding, Ut; Patricia (DeWayne) Warnock of Murray, Ut; Phillis (Lloyd) Burraston of Enoch, Ut; Carol Ann (Craig) Cox of Fruit Hts, Ut; Tammy (Gordon) Porter of Sutherland, Ut, and Pamela (Lee) Goodrich of Delta, Ut; 24 grandchildren;  and 39 great-grandchildren; and sister, Rhoda Fitzwater.

She is preceded in death by her spouse Phill C Nielson, grandson, Josh Bradford; great grandson, Bob Brundage; and siblings Cannon Huntsman, Josephine Roper, Fern Huntsman and Tom Huntsman.

Funeral services will be held Monday, July 6, at 11:00 a.m. at the Leamington Ward  Chapel. A viewing will be held Monday morning prior to the service, from 9:30 to 10:45. Burial will be at the Lynndyl Cemetery.

The family gives special thanks to the Millard County Care and Rehabilitation Center for their loving care for her during the past 7 years.

Bailey went through the pantry and grabbed everything she planned on eating.. HAHAH!  Oh my HILARIOUS!

IMG_4178 IMG_4179 IMG_4180

Coping with “serious contractions” of my miscarriage.  No one informed me that they would rock my socks!  Milk shakes everyday.

IMG_4182 IMG_4192

4th of July

IMG_4198 IMG_4199 IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4206 IMG_4207 IMG_4212 IMG_4213 IMG_4216

Grandma’s House and all my memories of her home before it is sold.

IMG_4219 IMG_4220

Where I played with pollywogs


Back of the house where I spent most of my time


Bottom row from the Left: Christy, me, and the rest of the gang


Sisters at Grandma’s Door…


Arriving in Oregon.. Lydia, “I love it!  I just love this house daddy!  It’s just so WONDERFUL!  Thank you!” She said this over and over!


Playing under the sinks is a HIT!

IMG_4238 IMG_4240 IMG_4241 IMG_4247 IMG_4248

Cooking with AWESOME appliances!  Serious party!

IMG_4250 IMG_4252 IMG_4261 IMG_4263 IMG_4277 IMG_4278   IMG_4282


This past week I miscarried our third baby.  I was at 11 weeks and had been bleeding for 5 days.  My sister-in-law had a heart monitor so I could hear the heart beat and make sure I hadn’t lost the baby.  The heart beat was such a relief to hear.  I have bled with all my pregnancies and the bleeding just went away with the other two.  This however wasn’t going away.  I had been told with my other pregnancies that sometimes their will be a tear that just needs to heal.  If you just lay down and go on bed rest it should heal on it’s own.  However, that night I bled WAY too much.  I made a doctors appointment the next day and they did an internal ultra sound.  It was confirmed the baby had died.  The doctor told me that no matter what I could have done or didn’t do wouldn’t have mattered because it was an unhealthy pregnancy.  Ryan gave me a blessing the previous Sunday because I broke down in Relief Society and started to let fear take over my mind instead of faith.  I am so glad Sister Pete was sitting by me.  The blessing Ryan gave me talked about feeling peace and comfort no matter what the outcome would be.  I must say that priesthood blessing has really kept me calm.  I have been able to see the eternal perspective and feel peace.  My normal emotions I know would have broke down which shows that the Lord has carried me through this.  Today I went back into the doctor and they confirmed that I passed the baby and placenta.  I have to go back in to make sure I don’t need a D&C.  I have tissue that is still there that if it doesn’t pass they will need to do a D&C to avoid infection.  I know that this spirit needs a strong body and one that is properly developed.  When that time comes we will be excited for that spirit to join our family.  For now I will enjoy the two angels I have!

Bed Rest included reading 2 books and eating great food from Ryan!


Farar & Family Fun

We got back from Island Park and met up with the Farar family.  It was fun to go swimming with them and watch a movie on the projector outside.  We watched till midnight and then Ryan’s horse had a baby.  So we all went out to see the baby horse take his first steps.  We all went to bed and then Ryan headed up to Help Matt with the cows.  The next day we went to the splash pad and had some yummy pizza and breadsticks before I dropped them back off at Provo.

Meg had her birthday party and Lydia sang all day including at Target, “Happy Birthday to Megan!”  We ate some yummy Cafe Rio and then blew out candles.  My girls loved that Meg got them their own doughnut to blow out candles too!  Life is good!  Haha!

IMG_4132       IMG_4139 IMG_4140 IMG_4142 IMG_4170 IMG_4160 IMG_4161

Island Park

Island Park was so fun!  We enjoyed being with family and having our kids get to know everyone so well.  We were so lucky to also have Grandma Hayes with us.  We were spoiled with good food!  I was able to have my birthday at Island Park!  What a fun time to have everyone I love with me on my birthday.  We were able to attend the Hayes’s farewell before they went to the MTC to be Mission Presidents.  Oh I love my family and will cherish these memories!


Bailey jumped in the minute she got her life jacket on.  AHH!  Scared me and her.


On our drive home our car broke down and so while it was getting fixed we rode with Jord and Amanda.  They were so nice to add 3 girls to their car on their anniversary nonetheless!

IMG_20150623_193013 DSC_3176 DSC_3104

Favorite Picture of ALL TIME!

DSC_3022DSC_3017 DSC_3015 DSC_3011 DSC_3005     DSC_2684 DSC_0859 DSC_0858 DSC_0847 DSC_0849 DSC_2498 DSC_2502  DSC_2454

Grandpa Waterskiing

DSC_2440 DSC_2437 DSC_2428 PANO_20150621_214158 IMG_20150621_222701 DSCN0330 DSC_0799 DSC_0786 DSC_0783 DSC_0777  DSC_0752 DSC_0748 DSC_0734 DSC_0733 DSCN0325 IMG_4123DSC_0697 DSCN0322 DSC_0604 DSC_0595 DSC_0588

These Two are a 2 peas and in a pod!  Tug and Lyd!

DSC_0574DSCN0297 DSC_0464 DSCN0292 DSC_0408 DSC_0406DSC_1642 DSC_1622

Giving High Fives while water skiing.

DSC_0399 DSC_0366     DSC_0301 DSC_0252  DSC_0231 DSC_0228  DSC_1615 DSC_1604 DSC_1601 DSC_1594 DSC_1586 DSC_1572 DSC_1568

The only picture of my baby bump before I miscarried.

DSC_1566 DSC_1562 DSCN0286 DSC_1556 DSC_1554 DSC_1551 DSC_1548 DSC_1541 DSCN0284 DSC_1571 DSC_1439 DSCN0275 DSCN0274 DSCN0273 DSCN0270 DSC_0130 DSC_0064 DSC_0040 DSC_0030 DSC_0024 DSC_0022 DSC_0018 DSC_0016 DSC_1136 DSC_1135 DSC_1134 DSC_1119 DSC_1120 DSC_1105 DSC_1092 DSCN0266

My Birthday

DSC_0544 DSC_0543 DSC_0542 DSC_0539 DSC_0538 DSC_0537DSCN0289 DSCN0287DSCN0278DSCN0277

Water Parties! Summer is here!

Summer is so much fun for many reasons; popsicles, playing outside all day long, finding bugs, swinging on swings for hours, and our favorite WATER parties!  This week we’ve gone to 3 splash pads, 3 pool parties, story time, and 2 parks.  Oh what fun!  This past Saturday we were able to celebrate with Ben for his baptism.  It was SO special to watch all the brother’s (besides Jord) stand as worthy priesthood holders while Ben received the Holy Ghost.  It was fun to go over to Trav and Meg’s house after to have some delicious taco salad bar, fruit, and popsicles.  My kids had so much fun!  Sunday morning Ryan went to sacrament meeting with us and then we dropped him off at the airport to head to Oregon.  We have missed him but have really had a blast with cousins and friends!  I am also so glad that Ryan has enjoyed his training and feels so great about working for this company.  He met the older gentlemen who started Advantage Dental in Oregon and they really aren’t like a “typical” corporate office.  But they told Ryan “This is your license so never do anything you are uncomfortable doing.”  There is no pressure only restrictions of course that is from insurance companies which you will find in any dental office.  Ryan said they are really great men and he feels really good working for them.  He has been so exhausted though.  He got home Wednesday night at 3:30 and laid down to take a nap but woke up the next morning at 5:30 AM.  Haha!  I think he needed some good sleep!  We have face timed while he has been gone and now Bailey points to the phone and says, “Dad.”  Haha!   My sister Sam had surgery so we’ve watched her kids and it’s been so fun for us.  Lydia and Bailey LOVE Hudson and Hadley!  We also have enjoyed seeing Abby and Sarah a lot!  Bailey Loves Sarah a little too much and our play time usually ends in tears from over loving.

It was so fun today to drive down to American Fork and see my friends that I grew up with, Kathryn & Sarah.  Kathryn’s house is so beautiful and it’s so fun to be in a stage in life where we all are home owners!  Our kids played so well at the coolest splash pad I’ve ever been too.  It was more like a river!  Lydia loves Sarah’s little girl Gracie.  She was sad when she realized she had already left the splash pad.  Kathryn’s little girl, Brynlee, and Bailey are the same age and it was so funny to watch them play/fight with the toys.  Haha!  I don’t think 18 month olds know how to share.

Next week is the Hirschi family vacation.. YAY!  What a great summer break it has been!

IMG_3946 IMG_3947 IMG_3948 IMG_3949 IMG_3950 IMG_3951 IMG_3956 IMG_3959 IMG_3962

Lydia crying because dad wouldn’t stand under the bucket in the splash pad to get soaked.  HAHA!~

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Memorial Day, 4th Year Anniversary

This week we celebrated Memorial Day by playing softball with the Hirschi family, eating yummy food, and swimming.  Ryan hit 4 home runs.  Matt hit 2 home runs.  And us girls actually hit the ball a couple of times!  Wahoo!  Ryan and I took the girls fishing and horseback riding this week.  Lydia rides Chuck all by her self.  She knows how to steer the horse, kick him and says “Giddy Up.”  It is so darn cute!  Bailey loves riding too!  Fishing with our girls was a hoot!  Bailey cried hysterically because Ryan wouldn’t let her eat the worm.  Lydia while waiting for a fish decided to wash her hair in the nasty lake water while singing princess songs.  We were both laughing hysterically!  Ryan also was able to go up to his dad’s ranch both weekends to put up fences, move the cattle up there, and work till they are dead tired!  My brother-in-law, Adam, went up with them and had the time of his life.  When he came back he said, “Seriously Ryan is the hardest worker I have ever seen.  I have seen a lot of hard workers in my life but him, his brothers, and dad top the cake!”  I believe this!  They are VERY hard workers! My family also had family pictures this Sunday.  The first time in about 13+ years (I can’t remember honestly the last family picture).  I was so excited for my mom!

For Christmas this year Ryan’s parents gave us a gift card for dinner, Anniversary Inn, which included free babysitting.  It was so great!  We went to a YUMMY Brazilian SteakHouse, then we went shopping, went to Anniversary Inn where we watched Pure Luck for the first time (HILARIOUS!), and did sealings the next morning at the SLC temple.  It was such a spiritual experience!  I didn’t realize until I was in the dressing room why the experience was so spiritual for us!  It was the same sealer, Brother Thomas Brown, who sealed us 4 years ago.  Ryan and I went to the sealing desk and sent him a message explaining this.  Since then we’ve talked on the phone and he also shares our anniversary and has been a patriarch for 7 years.  He mentioned when we were married things that are in my patriarchal blessing.  He also kept mentioning how incredibly sweet our spirits are and was so excited for what the future holds.  He mentioned that exact same thing when we were sealed.  When he said this both times I did feel the spirit confirm to me that The Lord does in fact have things in store for us and was proud for the decisions we had made and were making.  This spiritual experience was a testimony for the both of us!  We are excited to stay in contact the rest of our lives with Brother Brown.  As I was leaving the temple I also ran into the stake patriarch who served in one of the areas in my mission.  I was so humbled for the opportunity to see Brother K.  I always called him that in the beginning because his last name is (Kallupukya sp?)  It took all 9 months to learn how to pronounce it.  I found out that his wife passed away 2 years ago from cancer.  Since she had been battling with it for 20 years he felt blessed to have had so much time with her.  I remember so well eating such incredible Sunday dinners at their house and SOAKING up the spirit that was in their home.  Seriously what an incredible temple trip!

Since last night was our actual anniversary we went out to dinner to Twiggs.  We enjoyed talking and having time to plan our future.  Things are coming together for us!  We are so excited that we have been chosen for a 3 year Student Loan Repayment Program that will help us tremendously to pay off our loans.  I honestly feel like we won the lottery!  Ryan leaves next week for training.  When he comes back we go on the Hirschi family vacation and then move up to Oregon into our beautiful new home!  Oh life is full of blessings!

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Lydia cracks me up.  “I want to hold Dads hand!”  Oh their relationship is so So Close!

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After lunch one day I told Bailey, “Ok we need to clean up!”  She ran over to my mom’s drawer and grabbed some rags and started scrubbing the floor.  It was so so cute!  And so unexpected!

IMG_3916 IMG_3918 IMG_3919 IMG_3920 IMG_3921 IMG_3931

Hudson and Lydia’s conversation while watching “How to Train a Dragon” was priceless!  I took a lot of videos.  So cute!

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